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Day 8: The drive back – the good, the bad, and the ugly

By on January 5, 2006 in France

The long drive back….

Oh!  God!  The long drive back….  Never again am I doing that drive….  Over 600 miles (driving directions).

We left Les Houches at 6:15 am and drove north heading for Boulogne.  On the way, we had 3 stops, one for coffee (and the loo), one for fuel (and the loo), and one just for the loo…  All stops were for the minimum amount of time.  The roads were clear and snow free (it did snow but nothing settled).  Total tolls, around €80 (Euros).

We arrived at the port in Boulogne (the sat nav worked marvellously) at 2:30 pm – our ferry was at 6:45 pm!  However, we found that for £10 we could change the booking and catch the 3 pm to Dover.  The ferry crossing was fine.  A little bumpy in parts.

Arrived in Dover at 2:45 pm, local time, and we were off the ferry just after 3 pm (the ferry port is a nightmare to get out of, very confusing).  Home (London area) by 5:30 pm.

Total mileage just over 600, total travelling time – just over 12 hours (average speed, 50 mph, that is quite scary).

Conclusion:  There is no way the drive could be done any faster – and it was still horrible and took forever.  One thing that was learnt is the importance of clearing snow from the bonnet (hood) of a car because as we were driving along the two-inch thick layer of ice and snow that had accumulated over the holiday suddenly detached in a fairly large lump.  This almost resulted in the driver having a heart attack and the passenger needing a change of underclothes…

Next time I am taking the Eurostar or getting a flight!

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