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Day 2: Les Deux Alpes, France – skiing Les Deux Alpes

By on March 7, 2007 in France

So, skiing Les Deux Alpes.

Last night I arrived in town and looking around I was concerned by the lack of snow, in the morning, when I awoke and looked out of the window, I was surprised how little snow there was in the town and how much snow could be seen on the mountain, although with some worrying brown-patches.

Breakfast was the usual hotel continental breakfast, some cereal, bread, coffee and croissants.

I got my skis from a small hire shop across the road from the hotel, and as I was staying at the Hotel Des Neiges, I was entitled to a 10% discount.

Hotel Des Neiges, Les Deux Alpes, France - skiing Les Deux Alpes

Hotel Des Neiges, Les Deux Alpes, France

The lift pass, for which I needed a photo (I can’t remember the last time I needed a photo to go with a lift pass, must be four years ago?) was purchased from a small ticket office near the centre of town, about 5 minutes walk from the hotel.  The cost was very good, about 120 Euros for three days.

The main street in Les Deux Alpes, France - skiing Les Deux Alpes

The main street in Les Deux Alpes, France

As the weather was so good, clear blue skies and sunshine, I decided to head for the slopes.

As I said in the last post, Les Deux Alpes is a long thing village at the bottom of the valley. As I later discovered, once I was up the mountain, and could look down on the town, it is in fact located in a hanging valley on the side of a much deeper and larger valley. Hence, there is only one way in and out of town as at one end there is rather an impressive cliff! The ski areas are located to the left and right of the town, with the main ski area being to the left.

One thing I found odd, and disappointing, about skiing Les Deux Alpes was that from the town there were only four lifts up to the main ski area. The slopes next to the town are beginner (bunny) slopes and are a great place for kids to learn to ski (although there was a lot of brown snow around). The main ski area and the glacier are above the town, and yet this area, where most skiers would be heading, only had four lifts for access, two four man bubble cars, a slightly larger gondola, and three person chair lift. Not only that, but these lifts were spread out over a mile (1.5 km) long the valley floor. This meant that each day started with a 20 – 60-minute queue to get on the lift, or a 10 – 15-minute hike to a lift, for another 20 – 60-minute queue.

Once up the mountain, the skiing was fantastic. The runs were well looked after, and the terrain was varied.

I had a great day skiing Les Deux Alpes. Some great runs and some fun areas to explore.

The slopes, Les Deux Alpes, France - skiing Les Deux Alpes

The slopes, Les Deux Alpes, France

The meal in the hotel was good, a lot of carbohydrates, a lot of cheese. In the evening I explored a few bars around the town. Les Deux Alpes was a lively place with what seems to be an active Apres ski.

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