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New Zealand: Train – Wellington to Palmerston North

By on September 10, 2007 in New Zealand

Train from Wellington to Palmerston North is $22 NZ each way.

The are two trains per day – one at 06:20 from Palmerston North to Wellington, and the other at 17:17 from Wellington to Palmerton North.

What is it with New Zealand and trains?  They seem to have the infrastructure, but then don’t use it?

Palmerton North is at the end of the Paraparaumu line, and we were due to arrive there around 19:30.

Interestingly, the carriages that were marked first class were no longer first class, and my train seat fell apart as I sat down.

This blog post was written on the train.

The train was very bumpy and banged around a lot, and alarmingly got up to 100 km/h (60 mph).

On the plus side, it did have electrical outlets to plug in computers, mobile phones, etc., and there were toilets at the end of the carriage (handy for a 2-hour trip), and there was also a buffet car.

The views from the train were stunning, great views of the cliffs and sea, plus hills and mountains. However, I was obviously a commuter train as everyone was ignoring the views (unlike on my first train of the day from Christchurch to Picton).

While on the train my friend in Palmerston North emailed me about earthquakes. The email was not happy making as at the time we were on a section of track running along the top of a cliff.

Arrived at Otaki at 18:45. The train was almost full when we left Wellington, but by the time we got to Otaki, it was almost empty, just three people left in my carriage.  By the way, no danger of sleeping through a station as in most cases the train stops with a violent jolt!

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