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Auckland Airport, New Zealand

By on September 13, 2007 in New Zealand

Flight from Wellington to Auckland was OK.  At Auckland Airport there was a 10-minute walk to get from the domestic terminal to international.

The security staff at Auckland Airport said there was food available for purchase after security (well, there was if you count Burger King), some nibbles at an espresso bar, or sandwiches at the Blue Bar.

One minor commotion was caused when a waitress presented a glass of wine to a woman sitting near me and said it had been bought for her by someone at the bar – I was accused of being the mysterious purchaser, when in fact it was her female friend hiding behind a pillar.

Almost forget to pay the $25 NZ departure tax before going through immigration (if you don’t pay you will be sent back!).

Auckland Airport is an interesting place for people watching – humans come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and it makes you wonder if we are all the same species…. – is the Neanderthal really extinct?

Not looking forward to the next flight – flying from Auckland to Los Angeles – longest flight on the trip at just under 12 hours….  this is going to be long!

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