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The 13th September 2007 – a very long day… (crossing the International Date Line)

By on September 13, 2007 in New Zealand, USA

This is literally turning into the longest day of my life as I crossed the International Date Line (from west to east) and therefore went back a day.  Let’s see if I can work this out….

5:00, 13th September 2007 

Woke in Palmerston North, New Zealand, taxi to the train station for the 6:20 to Wellington.
Elapsed Time = 0 hours

8:20, 13th September 2007 

Arrived Wellington
Elapsed Time = 3.33 hours

9:00, 13th September 2007 

Arrived Wellington Airport for 12:30 flight
Elapsed Time = 4 hours

12:30, 13th September 2007 

Take off for Auckland.
Elapsed Time = 7.5 hours

13:30, 13th September 2007 

Arrived Auckland.
Elapsed Time = 8.5 hours

17:55, 13th September 2007 

Take off from Auckland for Los Angeles
Elapsed Time = 13 hours

Cross the International Date Line

10:45, 13th September 2007 

Arrive at Los Angeles, Airport after a 12-hour flight
Elapsed Time = 25 hours

13:15, 13th September 2007 

Take off from Los Angeles, bound for JFK, New York
Elapsed Time = 27.5 hours

21:35, 13th September 2007 

Land at JFK, New York.
Elapsed Time = 33 hours

Note: This has all happened on one day – 13th September 2007.  This is because I crossed the International Date Line west-to-east

Total travel time = 33 hours.  There was also the first 5 hours of the day (when I was asleep), and nearly 2.5 hours of the day left after landing…  therefore add in another 7.5 hours and this give a 40 hour day…..

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