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Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and on to JFK, New York, USA

By on September 13, 2007 in New Zealand, USA

The flight from Auckland to Los Angeles Airport was uneventful.  The plane wasn’t too crowded, and there was a good choice of movies.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) was a zoo.  It was like arriving at an airport from another era, an airport that had been organised on an ad hoc basis.

We landed on time, and I had two hours to make my connection on American Airlines to JFK, New York.  Plenty of time….  Think again…..

Problem 1:  There was no stand for the aircraft.  At one point they were talking about steps.  Finally, a stand with a walkway was found. However, this just unloaded us on to the middle of the airport and meant we needed a get a bus to get to the main terminal.  Time was lost getting off the plane and onto the buses, and then by driving around the airport to the terminal.

Problem 2:  As I arrived in the immigration hall all the computers crashed.  It took the immigration services around 20 minutes to get them back up and running.

Problem 3:  I had to collect my bags and go through customs, fine, however, I had ticked a box on the customs form saying that my hiking boots may have soil on them from my stay in New Zealand.  This resulted in questioning and the bags being x-rayed (I was unsure how that was supposed to help).  I then dropped the bags off at the baggage transfer where they were x-rayed again.

Problem 4:  LAX was a very very crowded.  Queues for security were very, very long.

Bottom line…  just made it to the flight.

Flight from LAX to JFK was crowded, and there was no food…. fantastic…   Well done American Airlines!  A long flight with no food and I had had no time at LAX to get anything to eat.

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