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An alarming start to living in Malaysia – car alarms and panic buttons

By on February 8, 2013 in Malaysia

Well, not a very good start to my time in Malaysia.

I arrived yesterday evening from the UK, everything went to plan until I got to the house I will be living in the next couple of years and discovered that I had been given the wrong set of keys. Basically, I couldn’t get in! In Malaysia and homeless….

Last night I thought I would have a snooze before heading to the local shops (I am suffering from terrible jet-lag). When I fell asleep it was light, but when I woke up it was dark, and whilst staggering around the bedroom in the dark I managed to set off the panic system of the burglar alarm (The panic button looks exactly like a light switch!). I didn’t even know the place had a burglar alarm.

IMG 2838

Who would have known that was a panic button in the dark?

IMG 2839

This is what a light switch looks like…

I hunted high and low for the alarm pin, but couldn’t find it. After about 10 min a neighbour knocked on the door and asked if I was all right, and gave me the pin (good security, huh?). A great way to introduce yourself to your new neighbours!

I also had another problem with alarms today when I took delivery of a car. It would appear that car keys and car alarms are little different in Malaysia.

The key has two buttons, and in the UK I would expect one of the buttons to lock the doors and the other unlock. However, with this car one button locks and unlocks the door, and the other button sets off the alarm. The net result is that every time I try to unlock the car I set off the alarm! The neighbours must love me…


And yes, the car is a mighty Proton…

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