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First trip to the shops in Malaysia….

By on February 8, 2013 in Malaysia

Just arrived back from my 1st trip to the shops! Always a bit of an adventure…

When you move to a new country there are certain things you need to buy straightaway, for example food! So even though I’d only been in Malaysia less than 24 hours I had to hit the shops, and wow! what an experience.

My shopping list was simple, some bedding (pillow and sheets), some food for breakfast (milk, cereal, tea etc.), and a kettle, and in a moment of madness decided to head to my local Jusco, which is about 15 miles away.

It would appear that on a Friday night (this actually may happen all the time?) everyone in Malaysia goes shopping. The car park was bursting at the seams. Finally, after driving around for 20 min, and being unable to find a space, I decided to park illegally.

The shopping mall was just as crazy and mad as the parking lot. I’ve never seen a mall so busy at 9 o’clock in the evening.

My fist stop was a restaurant for some “comfort food” – which I felt I had earned after the alarming experience earlier in the evening. I also had my first food order cock-up – I tried to order Coke, the a Coke float (a dollop of vanilla ice cream in Coke), which actually wasn’t too bad.


Comfort Food – not the best pizza

I managed to locate one store that sold bedding, but it would appear that unfitted bedsheets are not available in Malaysia. This can’t be true?

The supermarket was also very busy (it is Chinese New Year and I guess a lot of people were shopping for the holidays), and I pretty much found everything I was looking for, except ground coffee and grapefruit juice.

Out shopping

Out shopping

I even managed to make it back to my house without setting off any alarms!

Oh, and I did manage to buy a kettle, and it doesn’t work!

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