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Dinner at Yeo’s Seafood Restaurant and monkeys on the road

By on February 17, 2013 in Malaysia

Popped back to Yeo’s Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Not my first time there, and I doubt it will be my last!


The path to Yeo’s Seafood


View down the walkway at Yeo’s Seafood


Part of the restaurant. This evening there was a band out there…

For dinner, I had the sweet and sour prawns, with steamed rice and mixed vegetables. One thing that was a little odd was there were prawns in the mixed vegetables! Is that common? If it is then how do vegetarians cope?


Sweet and Sour Prawns

On the way to the restaurant I saw a bunch of monkeys next to the road and one of them appeared to be waving to the traffic! On the way back I saw around 30 monkeys by the side of the road, including some mothers with young. I had to stop and watch, no doubt other people around here think I am nuts because they are used to see monkeys on the road…

View Yeo’s Seafood Restaurant in a larger map

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