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Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

By on March 3, 2013 in Singapore

Today I visited the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore and even though I am not much of a plant person I was seriously impressed.

Gardens by the bay 1

First view of the gardens and the ‘trees’

The gardens (18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953. Tel: 6420 6848. Email: feedback@gardensbythebay.com.sg) are pretty impressive and consist of a large open area to wonder around (with the usual restaurants available) and then three attractions:

  1. The Flower Dome
  2. The Cloud Forest
  3. The Super Tree Grove

The Flower Dome

The Flower Dome, as the name suggests, had a very spectacular display of flowers. What impressed me, besides all the different flowers they had, was the size of the dome and the fact that they were able to get different climate zones throughout the structure.

IMG 3507

Entering the Flower Dome


Different zones within the dome


Desert Zone of succulents




And flowers

I guess that they were able to maintain the variety of species in the dome (there were plants from Australia, South America and Europe) by careful watering and by controlling the temperatures between the temperatures between the high part of the dome and the lower.

The Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest dome was spectacular, and it contained a surprisingly large waterfall.


The waterfall in the Cloud Dome


The ‘mountain’ and walkways in the Cloud Dome


View from the top of the waterfall


Amazing views

And the plants and flowers were stunning…


Stunning flowers




More orchids


With all these plants there is a snail problem…

Although they did seem to have a snail problem….

One note of warning. The floors in the Cloud Dome can be a bit slippery, and the walk way would challenge anyone with a fear of heights.

The Super Tree Grove

These were quite impressive, and the walk way is worth doing as it gives some great views of the park. However, it is not recommended if you have a fear of heights, or are concerned about wobbly structures as there was a certain amount of sway on the walkway.

IMG 3509

The Super Tree Grove Walkway

IMG 3508

The Super Tree Grove


Super Trees


“Trees” are amazing

Finally, the Gardens by the Bay contains a huge sculpture of a baby…


Big baby – found it kind of disturbing


Big baby from afar


The baby is called Planet – and the ship…

The baby is called Planet and is constructed of painted bronze and steel. This is no small baby as it weighs 7 tons and is 3.83 m by 3.53 m by 9.26 m. The sculpture was created by Marc Quinn and is of his son Lucas.

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