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A weekend in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

By on April 8, 2013 in Malaysia

This past weekend I have been in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, and it was an interesting trip.

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Kota Kinabalu is a really nice little town on the coast and is certainly worth a visit and an explore. During my brief visit to the town I was able to wander around the town and also visit a number of markets.

IMG 3917

View from the hotel looking towards the markets and the sea – apparently some of the islands off the coast are disputed territory between the Malaysians and the Philippines

IMG 3873

Something wrong here…

IMG 3859

The seafront and harbour – Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia



Village on stilts out on the island

IMG 3878

Dim sum lunch – this was in a Halal Chinese restaurant

IMG 3886

Fishing boats in the harbour

IMG 3898

Sunset over the sea at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

IMG 3896

Sunset over the sea at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

The covered markets

An interesting place full of lots of stalls selling a range of fruit, vegetables and meat and fish.

IMG 3887

Covered market – there seemed to be a real obsession with stacking things neatly, and covering things in plastic

IMG 3890

More things in bags neatly stacked

IMG 3891

The coconut drink stall (actually one of many)

IMG 3892


Filipino market

The Filipino market is pretty amazing with dozens of stalls crammed in to a small space. The stalls were selling bags, jewellery, clothes and souvenirs. It is not a place of the claustrophobic or the overly tall.

IMG 3888

Workers outside the Filipino market – there was a row of men outside the Filipino market busy doing repairs and alterations to bags and clothes, and also sewing up new garments

IMG 3889

Inside the Filipino market

The Chinese Open Air Restaurant

In the evening we went for a fantastic meal in a large open air Chinese restaurant which was typical of a lot of eating places you find in Malaysia in that it had a large seating area that was surrounded on three sides by a number of restaurants.

The food was amazing, and certainly very fresh as most of it was still swimming around in tanks when we arrived…

IMG 3901

Chinese Open Air Restaurant

IMG 3902

Sweet and Sour Grouper

IMG 3905

I have no idea what this was in the tank at the open-air Chinese restaurant

IMG 3906

Soft shell crabs – a new discovery for me on this trip – very tasty when dipped in batter and deep fried!

IMG 3907

Poor photograph, but the ‘things’ in the bottle are Mantis Shrimps and they have to be kept in bottles so they don’t eat each other

The Night Market

Kota Kinabalu is well known for two markets – the Night Market and the Filipino Market.

During the day the Night Market is just an open space between some sheds (also markets) and the sea, and then around mid-afternoon stall holders start to appear…

The market was an experience. All the stalls had electrical lighting (provided from wires strung between the stalls, and these wires meant that anyone tall walking around ran the risk of getting electrocuted (although later I was told it was only 12 volts)).

There were sections for fish, meat and fruits and vegetables, and one end of the market was stalls cooking the foods available. (You certainly knew the ingredients were fresh…)

IMG 3910

The night market in Kota Kinabalu – this was an amazing place. During the day it is just an open space between some sheds (also markets) and the sea, and then around mid-afternoon stall holders start to appear..

IMG 3899

Fish in the market

IMG 3900

Busy fish market

IMG 3911

Eggs! The egg stall at the night market.

Not only were the sights and the smells of the market amazing but so were the sounds. Below are two recordings I made of the sellers on the fish stalls trying to attract the attention of potential buyers:

Second recording:

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