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A day of new fruits… Mangosteens and Rambutans

By on August 21, 2013 in Malaysia

Today I tried two new fruits that were kindly given to me by Hani… Mangosteens and Rambutans. I have had Rambutans before (see A new fruit: Rambutans), but this one was a new yellow type.

The Mangosteen is interesting. I didn’t know what to expect, especially after seeing signs banning them in hotels. Are they really smelly like Durians? Why are they banned?

Mangosteens are banned from some hotels…

Mangosteens are banned from some hotels…

Turns out that the Mangosteens do not smell, but it is the red/purple pigment in the inedible skin that is the problem as it stains clothes and can’t be washed out. I guess that hotels don’t want all their white sheets stained.

The Mangosteen - Garcinia mangostana

The Mangosteen – Garcinia mangostana

The above photo shows the fruit, which is about the size of a hens egg. The fruit can be opened by pulling off the stalk and then peeling away the inedible skin to reveal the edible white fruit. The fruit is sweet and juicy, and contains one or two stones. Pretty tasty.

I also had a yellow/green Rambutan, which pretty much tasted the same as the red Rambutans (see earlier post), but was possibly slightly juicier with smaller stones.

Yellow/Green Rambutan - Nephelium lappaceum

Yellow/Green Rambutan – Nephelium lappaceum

So, two new fruits, and both were a hit…

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