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Malaysian Civet Cat – Paradoxurus hermaphroditus

By on November 10, 2013 in Malaysia

Yesterday evening on my drive back to my house I saw a rather odd creature dart across the road and into the bushes. I have seen these animals dart across the road before (usually very late at night) but this was the first time I was close enough to get a look.

As I peered into the bush, the animal looked back. Rather odd looking thing. Like a large cat, but with short legs and a slightly longer body than a domestic cat. The face had a snout, unlike a cat, and there was a dark band across the eyes. Unfortunately, it was too dark to get a photo.

A quick look around the Internet and I think I have identified it as a Malaysian Civet Cat – Paradoxurus hermaphroditus also called an Asian Palm Civet.

More details – Asian Palm CivetParadoxurusParadoxurus hermaphroditus

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