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The motorcycles of Malaysia… The ‘food truck’

By on March 17, 2014 in Malaysia

One of the great and interesting things in Malaysia is the highly imaginative use of motorcycles. They seem to be used for everything from personal transport (1 up), to taking a friend or partner around town (2 up), and the family around town (3+ up). For the record the maximum number I have seen on a bike is 5, a father and four kids, three hanging on behind the father on the seat, and one standing in the basket, which is often located between the driver’s legs. I regularly see motorcycles used as mobile ‘food trucks’ selling food at to workers at local stores and factories, and in Penang, I have seen them used as ‘shops on wheels’, where a box on the back folds down to be used as a table.

Usually, it is difficult to get a photo of these motorcycles as typically I am driving! However, this morning there was one stopped in front of me at the traffic lights on the way to work. Not a great shot but it shows a motorcycle in the ‘food truck’ configuration. The box on the back contains the food, and the bags around the box are the drinks. Ingenious!

The motorcycle 'food truck'

The motorcycle ‘food truck’

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