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Driving around Sarawak, Malaysia – Google Maps v. Apple Maps

By on April 19, 2014 in Malaysia

The car that I had hired didn’t have a working cigarette lighter, so this meant I couldn’t use my trusty TomTom GPS unit to get around, and instead had to rely on good ol’ fashioned paper maps, and the Google and Apple Map Apps.

Trying to find a paper map was a challenge – I finally found one in a local store, but it didn’t have sufficient detail and was around 7.5 km to the cm (750,000:1). The Google and Apple Map Apps only really worked when there was phone coverage, which was another problem.

For navigating, I found the Google Maps worked best over long distance, i.e. the major roads, but that Apple maps were better for finer detail around the towns. However, there was some ‘weirdness’ going on in that Apple maps doesn’t seem to know where the north coast of Sarawak is located.

Opps.... I appear to be driving in the sea... I wasn't!

Opps…. I appear to be driving in the sea… I wasn’t!

And when it came to Mukah Airport, Apple maps seems to suggest you would need a float-plane to land.

Apple maps thinks Mukah Airport is in the sea

Apple maps thinks Mukah Airport is in the sea

Whereas Google maps had it right.

Google maps show that Mukah Airport is not in the sea...

Google maps shows that Mukah Airport is not in the sea…

The take home message? Don’t blindly rely on Google or Apple Maps and make sure you engage your brain when you are driving around.

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