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Flight from Sibu to Miri, Malaysia

By on April 20, 2014 in Malaysia

Every so often you get a flight that makes you realise how much fun you can enjoy flying. The Sibu to Miri flight was one such flight. Great fun.

For a start, the Sibu to Miri flight was on a turbo prop plane (aka a puddle jumper – why do I call them that?) so it that meant we wouldn’t get too high and there would be things to see.

Sibu to Miri flight

Sibu to Miri flight

The plane flew at around 18,000 ft so we could see the coastline and the countryside go by and one thing that struck me was how the low clouds form over the land and not the sea as there was a distinct line of clouds forming on the coast.

Cloud formation at the coast

Cloud formation at the coast

And the amount of material that was being washed from the land to the sea…

Silt being washed into the sea

Silt being washed into the sea

A fun flight. It was great to be able to see the land go by below.

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