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Day trip to Singapore – your Malaysian road tax must be valid?

By on May 11, 2014 in General

Quick day trip over to Singapore and when I got border and inserted my Autopass* card it flashed up an error saying my Malaysian road tax had expired. The problem was easily fixed by visiting the Autopass office, but what I found odd was why would the Singaporean government be concerned about whether or not my car was taxed for Malaysia. Weird….

* An Autopass is a card you need to drive a car in Singapore, it is registered to the car. The card is charged up with money (go to Seven Eleven in Singapore to put money on the card) and swiped as you go in at the border. As you leave Singapore the card is swiped again and a toll extracted based on how much driving you have done in Singapore. The card can also be used to pay for parking, however, not all parking areas accept the new card (the old card has a visible gold chip and are inserted in to a slot, whereas the new cards are ‘touch’ based), and some parking garages seem to have dodgy ‘touch’ pads for the new cards, which can make life interesting as you can sometimes get in to the parking areas, but you can’t get out.

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