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Weirdest taxi driver of all time….??

By on May 29, 2014 in Malaysia

I’ve just taken a taxi from where I live in Malaysia to Singapore (Changi) airport, and it was one the oddest drives I have ever had.

I don’t suffer from travel sickness, sea sickness yes, but not general travel sickness, and yet this driver made me feel queasy within 20 minutes of leaving my house. Initially, I couldn’t think why and thought maybe I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me.

But then I realised what was going on….

The driver was constantly pumping the accelerator.

Instead of holding the speed steady at 90 kph he would speed up to 95, take his foot off the accelerator, slow down to 80 something and then step on the accelerator again and bring the speed back up to over 90.


It made for an awful ride, and I would suspect it was harming the engine and killing the fuel efficiency.

Totally nuts!!!

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