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Hertz Car Hire at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

By on February 13, 2015 in USA

A car hire company, in this case, Hertz, has one function and one function only – it hires out cars.

We just went to pick up our car, which was booked two days ago, and it wasn’t available…. Not good.

This would be a disaster if we had to be somewhere at a fixed time. Luckily we are flexible, but we want to get in the car and go as we have an 8-hour drive to get to the snow.

Hopefully, Hertz will have a “sorry” for the inconvenience. (Just for the record they didn’t.)

Bottom line: Just because you book a car with Hertz doesn’t mean you will get one.

Update: Problem is all the cars at the airport, and they don’t have anyone available to pick them up.

Update 2: It appears that cars at the airport are not the issue as we offered to go to the airport and pick it up, only to be told that it wasn’t known if the car was there.

Update 3: I’ve tweeted a link to the post at @hertz in the tweet. Will they respond? We have also finally found a customer service number on the Hertz website, so we are now talking to them.

Update 4: Impressed. Hertz responded to my tweet in a matter of minutes.

Update 5: Hertz said a car is on its way. No idea from where, or when it will get here.

Update 6: We have a car. Two hours and 45 minutes late, but we have it.

Update 7: Finally got to Park City Utah – 3 hours later than planned and as a result, we have not been able to pick up our skis or ski passes as everything is shut. This means we will lose several hours of skiing on the first day due to Hertz not having the car ready for the time we booked it. Not impressed…

In closing, there is a bit of a theme with car hire from Hertz as I had problems with slow service in Germany (see Day 1: Saalbach Ski Trip, Austria – getting to Saalbach), Italy (Day 1: Heathrow to Venice, and on to Corvara, Italy) and Malaysia (Off to Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia and Brunei). What is worrying is I am a Hertz Gold Member, and as such, I am supposed to get better service such as speedy pickup of cars.

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