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Day 3: My EpicPass and EpicMix ski data for Canyons….

By on February 17, 2015 in USA

The EpicPass we are using links into a tracking system on the mountain, which records our skiing for the day via EpicMix. I’m not sure how I feel about this…

For years I have tracked my own skiing with a GPS unit, but to suddenly have the mountain do it for you….? Creepy? Or is it?

EpicPass and EpicMix ski data for Canyons

EpicPass and EpicMix ski data for Canyons

It is great to know where you have been, and what you have skied, but what is the company doing with the data? Hopefully something useful, after all, this is the era of big-data.

I guess, if the company is analysing the data in real time then it might be able to work out where the bottlenecks are on the mountain, and where the biggest lift queues are, and then redirect skiers to quiet areas. However, I doubt that they are doing that as there is certainly no evidence of skiers being redirected. Maybe that will come? Or maybe they are using it for long-term planning of future investments on lifts and other things on the mountain. I can only hope.

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