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Day 5: Skiing Snowbird and Alta, Utah – a summary

By on February 19, 2015 in USA

Well, that was great day of skiing.

We went to two cracking resorts – Alta and Snowbird – and we had a blast.

Both resorts had excellent snow and we really liked them. They are similar but different. Snowbird feels a little more up-market, and Alta feels a little like the poor cousin of Snowbird, but don’t get me wrong, both were excellent and I would go back to either or both.

The resorts were similar in terms of the terrain, and I liked that they were in a bowl and you felt as though you were surrounded by the mountains. You didn’t get the feeling of exposure that I experienced in Deer Valley. Snowbird had some really interesting restaurants on the mountain, and it felt like a little more money had been spent on it when compared to Alta, which also tended to have the older slower lifts.

However, having said the above, if you were to press me as and say I could only ski one, I would have to go with Alta, there was just something about it that really worked for me.

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