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Knife and fork with that sir? Eating out in Malaysia

By on March 21, 2015 in Malaysia

This evening I ate in The Taiwan Courtyard (小台阁) in the Queensberry Mall and had a very nice beef with ginger and spring onions dish.

Beef with ginger and spring onions

Beef with ginger and spring onions

One thing I was concerned with in my meal were the ‘wire clippings’ (they reminded me, by looks, of the bits of wire you clip off when wiring a plug), however, they, like the rest of the meal, very tasty and didn’t taste of plastic or metal.

Pickled "wire clippings"

Pickled “wire clippings”

As there were only chopsticks on the table I was asked if I would like a knife and fork… I can cope (just), but it was nice to be asked as it doesn’t happen as often as I would expect.

FourSquare: The Taiwan Courtyard (小台阁)

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