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Electricity in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

By on March 27, 2015 in Myanmar/Burma

Electricity in Mandalay seems to be a bit random, that is, it is liable to go off, and may not be particularly ‘clean’.

Clean Electricity

What I mean by ‘clean electricity’ is not environmental clean but ‘clean’ in terms of voltage and power spikes. During my three days in Mandalay, I had one night of power cuts in the hotel (emergency generators kicked in) and also witnessed ‘brown outs’ in which lights were dim as voltage and current were low.

There were two clues that the electricity supply may be an issue. The first clue were these two devices in the room to protect the ‘fridge and the TV from power spikes.



If you have any equipment that needs charging I would recommend you plug it in via these devices and also use a surge protector.

The second clue were the generators…


When I arrived at Hotel Mandalay I spotted two large devices in the corner of the carpark. Initially, I didn’t give them much thought.


Once I had walked around the town I realised that there were similar large devices outside a number of buildings and that smaller versions were outside most shops and even some private homes. It was then that I realised they were generators.


I have no idea how common power cuts are in Mandalay, but the fact that the TV and ‘fridge in my room were ‘power protected’, and that most businesses, and some private homes, have their own generators makes me think that outages may be quite common.

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