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Motorbikes in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

By on April 2, 2015 in Myanmar/Burma

One thing that really amazed me about Mandalay was the incredible number of motorbikes on the roads…

Below are some of my favourite shots of the motorbikes of Mandalay doing their thing…

Three up…

At least she looks happy about being in the middle… No a great shot, but I love the look on her face.

And there is such creative use of motorbikes… They aren’t just for moving people…

The side-saddle sitting position was something new to me. I had not seen that before.

I keep thinking of Bob the Builder. You are supposed wear a helmet – it’s the law… But is a yellow-hard hat really a helmet?

Yep, motorbikes everywhere. Mandalay was full of them. They are a cheap and easy form of transport. One local told be you can pick up a Chinese motorbike for US$500 new.

Love this next shot. I was panning the camera and got the speed just right. You can see the pan in the truck, and yet the motorbike is in sharp focus. The look on the woman’s face makes the shot for me….

The kid looks cool….

Some of the helmets are interesting….

And this helmet was disturbing. I saw a number of these helmets with swastikas, although interestingly the one below it os going the wrong way (hence it may be called a sauwastika), however, the front of the helmet had similar Nazi emblems so I thing the direction was an error and not a religious statement.

Small bike, big load….

So, Mandalay, full of mad motorbikes. If you visit the town be careful when crossing the road as the bikes are everywhere, and they can come at you from any direction.

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