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Kranji War Memorial, Singapore

By on May 2, 2015 in Singapore

Kranji War Memorial is located on the north of Singapore Island, just a few minutes drive from the Main Causeway to the island. The cemetery is classed as a war and non-war cemetery in that it contains graves from world war 1 and 2, and graves post the second world war.

The Kranji War Memorial and Singapore Memorial is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers, sailors and airmen, who fought against the Japanese invading forces in World War 2. There are 4,461 Commonwealth casualties of the Second World War buried or commemorated at the cemetery, with the Singapore Memorial bearing the names of over 24,000 casualties of the Commonwealth land and air forces who have no known grave.

Originally the site was a British army munitions depot, and after the Japanese invasion in 1942 it became a Prisoner of War Camp and burial ground for the nearby Woodlands Military Hospital. After the war it was decided to consolidate the cemeteries from Changi, Buona Vista and the other Singapore camps, in to one location to be maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The Kranji Cemetery is comprised of the State Cemetery of Singapore, the War Cemetery, Singapore Memorial, and the Commonwealth Military Cemetery.

The cemetery contains the graves of not only the men and women who fought in Singapore, but who fought in Southeast Asia after the fall of Singapore and also those who were POWs. Servicemen and women from British, Australian, Indian, Canadian, New Zealanders, Dutch and South African forces, as well as Chinese and Malay are represented at the cemetery, with nearly 50% of the 24,000 named on the Singapore Memorial coming from India.

More details can be found at Commonwealth War Graves Commission and on wikipedia.

Entrance Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Their name liveth Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Ceremonial Stone Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Grave Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Graves Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Inscription at the entrance to the Singapore Memorial: ”1939 – 1945 On the walls of this memorial are recorded the name of twentyfour thousand soldiers and airmen of many races united in the service of the British Crown who gave their lives in Malaya and neighbouring lands and seas and in the air over southern and eastern Asia and the Pacific but to who the fortune of war denied the customary rites accorded to their comrades in death. The died for all free men.”

Monument Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Inscription Kranji War Memorial Singapore

The memorial is stunning….

Names Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Monument Kranji War Memorial Singapore

And as can be seen in the above a little weather worn by the sun.

Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Looking back to Johor Bahru, Malaysia from Kranji War Memorial, Singapore

Johor Bahru from Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Graves Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Unknown Soldier Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Below are two of the graves from “Z” Special Unit. A plaque near the entrance reads: ”In Memory of the member of Operation Rimau. In September 1944, when Singapore was under Japanese occupation, 23 British and Australian members of the Services Reconnaissance Department/Z Special Unit travelled from Australia by submarine to the outskirts of Singapore harbour. Their mission was to attack and destroy enemy shipping from small submersible boats using magnetic limpet mines. The party included six former members of the highly successful raid launched against Japanese shipping in Singapore harbour in September 1943, codenamed operation Jaywick. They were intercepted by Japanese forces and in the action that followed, 13 were either killed in action or died of wounds. The remaining 10 were captured and subsequently executed on 7 July 1945. The place of their execution is approximately 580 metres east of the junction of Clementi and Dover roads.”

Further details of Operation Rimau can be found on wikipedia and at the Australian Navy website.

The Australian Navy website lists the member of the operation as: “The 23 members of Operation RIMAU were: Major Reginald Ingleton, Captain Robert Page, Lieutenant Albert Sargent, Lieutenant Walter Carey, Warrant Officer Alfred Warren, Sergeant David Gooley, Corporal Clair Stewart, Corporal Roland Fletcher, Able Seaman Walter Falls, and Lance Corporal John Hardy (all executed); Able Seaman Frederick Marsh (died after capture); Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Lyon, Lieutenant Commander Donald Davidson, Lieutenant Robert Ross, Lieutenant Bruno Reymond, Sub-Lieutenant Gregor Riggs, Warrant Officer Jeffrey Willersdorf, Sergeant Colin Cameron, Able Seaman Andrew Huston, Corporal Archie Campbell, Corporal Colin Craft, Corporal Hugo Pace and Private Douglas Warne (all presumed killed in action).”

"Z' Special Unit Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Memorial plaque for Operation Rimau, “Z” Special Unit:

Operation Rimau Kranji War Memorial Singapore

A local lizard sunning itself on the top of a grave stone.

Lizard Kranji War Memorial Singapore

Kranji War Memorial Singapore

FourSquare: Kranji War Memorial

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