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Johor-Singapore Causeway – the old route to Singapore

By on June 6, 2015 in Malaysia, Singapore

To get from Johor to Singapore, you take the Causeway, which was the original point of access to Singapore Island before the second link bridge was built on the western end of the island.

The problem with crossing from Johor to Singapore, or back, is the traffic. Some days the crossing is very easy with light traffic and no queues, in which case it may take 20 minutes or so, and on other days the traffic can be so bad that it may take several hours to complete the same crossing. You just can’t tell. This makes playing days out, or evening visits, very difficult as you just don’t know how much time to make available for immigration and customs.

Traffic jams on the Johor Singapore Causeway

Traffic jams on the Johor-Singapore Causeway

The above image shows a fairly typical queue across the causeway into Singapore.

One thing that is odd is by the side of the road there are some very old telegraph posts with old-style insulators. When stuck in traffic at the crossing I often wonder what these old bits of kit are still doing by the side of the road.

Old telephone lines... Johor Singapore Causeway

Old telephone lines on the Johor Singapore Causeway

Johor Singapore Causeway

FourSquare: Johor-Singapore Causeway

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