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Durian Fruit – The King of Fruits

By on June 11, 2015 in Malaysia

I’ve been living in SE Asia for over two years and until this evening I had never tried a Durian Fruit. I have smelt them on numerous occasions (you can’t avoid smelling them), and they are on sale in shops, in markets and by the side of the road.

Durian Fruits

Durian Fruits

The Durian Fruit is smelly. Very smelly. And I have avoided tasting the fruit as lots of people told me it was disgusting, and yet strangely a number of people had told me it was delicious. Judging by the smell it was going to be revolting.

The fruit I bought spent no more than 10 minutes in my car and I could still smell it when I got back into the car 3 hours later, and there was still a faint hint of the smell the next morning.

No Durian Fruit

No Durian Fruit – Durians are banned in a lot of hotels (and taxis) due to the smell


It is an odd fruit as it is banned in taxis, a lot of buildings, and hotels, because of its smell, however, it is revered as a delicacy, and often depicted in odd places.

Giant Durian Fruit at Singapore Airport

Giant Durian Fruit at Singapore Airport

At Singapore (Changi) Airport I have even seen a giant fruit…

The fruit is difficult to get in to. The outer skin is quite tough and so you should get the seller to cut if you don’t have a large sharp knife.

Once the cross is cut the fruit is pulled apart, and this takes some effort as the fruit is not only tough skinned, but very spiky to the touch, to reveal the flesh inside.

Opening the fruit - they are tough to get in to

Opening the fruit – they are tough to get in to

Not only does the fruit smell awful, but it also looks unappetising once you have got it open!

Inside of a Durian Fruit

Inside of a Durian Fruit

The thing that surprised me is that despite the smell really liked it. In fact I went back for seconds and thirds.

It is hard to describe the taste, it is possibly unique. It was sort of sweet, but then again it was not. It was dry, but also slimy (if that makes sense). It was a real mix. One handy piece of advice. Watch out for the large stone in the middle.

The Malaysians said I had managed to buy a good one as they can be highly variable in taste and texture, and also the degree of ripeness can have an impact on both the taste and the texture. How I managed to buy a good one is beyond me.

Durian is classed a ‘hot’ food, that is, it will heat the body. I was told, as I was tucking in to my third portion and having a swig of beer, that it should never be eaten when you are drinking alcohol as that will lead to death (obviously not as I am writing this some hours later). I was also told that to avoid the heating of the body caused by the fruit that you should drink water from the skin, that is, the indentation of the fruit once you have removed the part you eat. Having already risked my life by drinking alcohol and eat durian, I decided to play safe and drink water from the skin…

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