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Singapore Night Safari, Singapore

By on June 11, 2015 in Singapore

One word can describe the Singapore Night Safari in Singapore – con!

I can’t remember the last time when something had been so hyped up to me, I had been charged so much, and I have felt so let down.

For a start the entry is $42 (that is Singapore dollar; $30 US; £20 UK) to get in, which seemed a bit steep to me, so the ‘expectation-bar’ was set pretty high. It was going to have to be good, sadly it wasn’t.

Welcome to the Singapore Night Safari

Welcome to the Singapore Night Safari

The queues to get in, and the queues for the tram ride around the park, were massive. I therefore decided to take the walking route. The trail was quite disappointing as all you can hear was the commentary from the tram, plus there was pounding music coming from somewhere. There was no peace…

Start of the trail at Singapore Night Safari

Start of the trail at Singapore Night Safari

First animal was a small forest deer….

Then a cat…

A crocodile…

The paths were well lit, but the place was just boing. It really had nothing going for it. I would much rather go to somewhere like the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore.

There was also lot of glass between the visitors and the animals which caused be terrible flash back on the camera focussing system, so it was quite tricky to get shots of anything.

One nice thing was there were wild bats flying around, which did add little to the otherwise lacking atmosphere.

The place also had a rat problem…

One exhibit really annoyed me on the Singapore Night Safari as I spent ages looking for the entrance (all I could see was the Exit as shown below), only to be told you had to enter via the exit…

Having walked the entire zoo (see map in the last image) I then took the trolley bus that accesses parts of the zoo you can’t get to on foot.

The trams at Singapore Night Safari

The trams at Singapore Night Safari

On the bus you do get some better views of some of the animals.

Tiger at Singapore Night Safari

Tiger at Singapore Night Safari

The tram at ride last around 35 – 40 minutes, and it was not good. First, there was no legroom so if you are over 1.7 m it is pretty uncomfortable. The tour guide on tram, Alexandra Brown, delivered what I can only describe as a rather eccentric commentary which seemed to contain a lot of sarcasm. The commentary was also rather preachy about conservation of rainforest, which was rich to hear in Singapore as most of the rainforest has been destroyed. Also, rather oddly as the experience was all about conservation, the tram petrol driven, which meant it was very noisy and it belched out some pretty ripe fumes as it went around the zoo. Why wasn’t it electric? If it was then there would be no noise and fumes to disturb the animals.

Map of Singapore Night Safari

Map of Singapore Night Safari

As you may be able to tell from the above I was not at all impressed with the Singapore Night Safari. At the price, for what you got, I thought it was a rip off. The experience just isn’t worth it as the place is too crowded, and too noisy.

My advice? Avoid it!

FourSquare: Singapore Night Safari, Singapore

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