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Helsinki Airport (HEL), Finland

By on July 15, 2015 in Travel Tip

I had not been to Finland, or Helsinki Airport before, and I didn’t count this as visiting Finland as I was not leaving the transit area of the airport.

Helsinki Airport is a little bit odd. First of all, it is very small, and I noticed that as we were taxiing to our stand that there were hardly any other aircraft here. The majority of the stands were empty.

Inside the terminal, it is also a little odd as there is hardly anyone around. After the hustle and bustle of Heathrow earlier today to be in an airport that is so quiet is eerie. Why is the place so quiet? It is 9 pm, but even so….

Helsinki Airport

A shop in Helsinki Airport

Finland looks like an interesting country with lots of open space (well, wooded areas) and lots and lots of lakes. May have to come back here sometime for a proper visit.

FourSquare: Helsinki Airport (HEL)

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