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Nature Walk – The Andaman Hotel – Langkawi, Malaysia

By on August 23, 2015 in Malaysia

On thing the Andaman Hotel, Langkawi offers every morning at 8 am is a nature walk. When I first read about it in the hotel newsletter I assumed that the walk went offsite – I was wrong. The 60 – 90 minute walk is entirely within the grounds of the hotel, and it was surprising how much wildlife we saw. Our guide, Fendo (email: hello@junglewalla.com; http://junglewalla.com), who took us on the mangrove swamp tour the day before, did an excellent job locating and pointing out wildlife that I had actually walked past, numerous times, the day before.

One of the first things he pointed out was possibly one of the oddest creatures I have ever seen – the Colugo or Flying LemurCynocephalus variegatus (Note: it is not really a Flying Lemur as it is incorrectly names – plus, it glides, it doesn’t fly). These creatures spend the day clinging to tree trunks (and if female with one, and maybe two, baby lemurs clinging to them), and comes out and glides at night. Very odd looking creatures and consider their size, 34 to 38 cm (13 to 15 in), surprisingly easy to over look.

Flying Lemur Colugo Langkawi

We also saw a Golden Orb Spider (Nephila pilipes) that was busy building a huge web.

I went around the circuit again later in the day, around 1 pm, and got a better look at some of the plants and animals.

One that interested me was Crape Ginger (Costus speciosus).

The flower bud of the plant is very susceptible to being attacked by flies that lay their eggs in the bud, and then the larvae eats the bud from the inside. To protect against this the bud produces nectar on the surface that attracts ants, and then these ants defend the bud against the flies.

I’m sorry, but these Flying Lemurs are odd looking….

However, they are good at hiding….

And they do blend in with the trucks of the tree….

When I returned to the Golden Orb Spider (Nephila pilipes), some 5 hours later, the spider had finished its huge web and was sitting in the centre waiting for dinner….

It was surprising just how much wildlife was hidden away in such a small area. Besides the above I also saw two species of lizard, numerous butterflies, a Water Monitor Lizard, a number of species of bird, and some bats, all of which I failed to photograph.

FourSquare: The Andaman

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