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Tune Hotel, KLIA2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By on August 23, 2015 in Malaysia

On my way to the Cameron Highlands I needed to spend a night at Kuala Lumpur airport because by the time my flight from Langkawi had landed it was too late to drive to the Highlands (plus, I wanted to do the drive in daylight as I had heard the last hour or so in to the Highlands was pretty impressive), hence I decided to spend the night at the Tune Hotel at KLIA2.

The Tune Hotel is just next to the KLIA2 Arrivals Hall and does exactly as it says it does. It is a perfectly functional hotel. There are no thrills, no towels folded in to shape of a swan, no pool, no gym, no fancy restaurant, it is just a plain and simple bedroom, with a comfortable bed (no tea making facilities in the room), and an en suite shower and bathroom. There is a ceiling fan and very efficient AC. The room also has wifi that works and there is a 7-Eleven Store next to the hotel for snacks and drinks.

There was no breakfast served in the hotel, but as there is a terminal next door full of restaurants then that is not a problem.

If I have two complaints about the hotel they are that the pillows are too thin, they could use better more comfortable pillows, and the hotel isn’t well signposted in the terminal so it takes a bit of finding. There is a walkway connecting the hotel to the terminal, but it’s position almost seems to defy logic as when you come up from the KLIA Express (a train service that connects Kuala Lumpur Airport to Kuala Lumpur), you don’t seem to come up enough floors to still have to go down a floor from the arrivals area to find the bridge that is over a road. You feel, or I felt, that in going down a floor I should be at road level.

Bottom line – good, efficient clean hotel, and I wish more hotels were like Tune Hotel at KLIA2.

FourSquare: Tune Hotel, KLIA2

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