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Cameron Lavender Garden, The Highlands, Malaysia

By on August 26, 2015 in Malaysia

They do have some odd tourist attractions in the Cameron Highlands, and one of them is the Cameron Lavender Garden, which in a weird way summed up my experience of the Highlands, and of tourist places in Malaysia in general.

A lot of the Cameron Lavender Garden was closed when I visited, for example, you couldn’t pick the strawberries and most of the shops were closed, but as it only cost RM6 (US$1.50; £1) to get in I wasn’t too concerned.

Outside the Cameron Lavender Garden there was the usual sculpture showing strawberries….

Inside, as the name – Cameron Lavender Garden – suggests, there were a lot of flowers, and a lot of lavender. The place was pretty, and did smell good…

However, there were some odd things, like this old Morris Minor shown below…

And you could leave a message to say how much you missed your loved one, or loved that special person in your life!

The colours and smells of the flowers was amazing though. It was a positive riot of colour…

And then you see something odd…

But back to the flowers….

And then just as you are leaving you get freaked out by the scariest Minion I have ever seen…

I did enjoy my visit to the Cameron Lavender Garden, but only for the colours and the smells of the flowers, the rest of the experience was a bit pushed and false, and I would imagine the place would be intolerable for me if it was crowded and all the small shops and stalls were open. If you like flowers, and are only interested in flowers, then like me I would suggest that you visit early morning.

FourSquare: Cameron Lavender Garden

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