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Australian Wildlife

By on August 28, 2015 in Australia

I love the Australian road signs, particularly the wildlife ones…

I’m not too sure what the wading bird is… If you have any ideas then please leave a comment below.

Tiliqua rugosa – Bobtail or Western Shingleback Skink. This was a very odd creature and I almost ran over it on the dirt road as I thought it was a 25 cm (10 in) stick.

What was striking about the Bobtail was that it really didn’t seem too bothered by me and I was willing to let me get quite close with the camera. I am used to seeing lizards, and they usually scurry for cover as you approach, but the Bobtail just sat there, looking at me.

A bit furter down the road I saw some Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae), which for some reason really surprised me… I guess I just wasn’t expecting to see them!

And ober at the Pinnacles I saw two stunning Galahs (Eolophus roseicapilla), which are also called rose-breasted cockatoos. Lovely looking birds that I believe pair for life.

And surprisingly (well, not to me) I didn’t see one single Kangaroo. On all my visits to Australia (and it must be nearly in to double figures now) I think I have only seen Kangaroos (discounting zoos and dead Kangaroos by the side of the road – a very common sight once out in the bush) on two occasions. The first occasion was in SW Australia where I had been driving around for a week and not seen one ‘roo (apart from countless smelly bloated corpses that had been hit by trucks), and when I mentioned (jokingly) to a local that didn’t think live Kangaroos existed I was taken to a clearing in the bush where one simple ‘cooee’ caused about 10 heads to pop up above the waist high shrubs. The second occasion was when I was on the Sidney to Perth train and woke up on the first morning to look out of my window at the Blue Mountains to see about 20 Kangaroos bounding across the fields (clearly spooked by the train). Just for the record, I have also done the Darwin to Adelaide train and didn’t see a single ‘roo over the three days.

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