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Pulled over by the police in Bali, Indonesia

By on September 1, 2015 in Indonesia

Today the Ubud Taxi I was travelling in was pulled over by the police for an inspection. Basically, it was a police road block out in the countryside, and if you were a taxi driver, they seemed to want to know who you were, and where you were going. It was essentially a document check. Albeit a bit unnerving for a first-time traveller in Bali.

As a passenger the police didn’t seem to care about me, they never spoke to me, they didn’t ask to see any papers, and in fact, they hardly looked at me. However, the taxi driver had to produce a wad of papers (all of which were stored under the sun visor), he had to get out of the cab, and go over to a table for a chat. The driver seemed unconcerned by it all and smiled throughout the interview.

In total the stop took around 10 minutes, and there were no problems.

Bali Police Stop

Bali Police Stop – the taxi was stopped by the police

Note added 2nd September 2015: We were stopped by police again the next day. Same routine as the day before and this time only took 5 minutes. I guess this is a fairly regular occurrence on Bali?

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