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Goldfish Market 金魚街, Hong Kong

By on September 4, 2015 in Hong Kong

The Goldfish Market 金魚街 Hong Kong was an interesting place.  I was expecting something large, but it was actually quite small, and I was expecting a street market, and yet it consisted of a series of shops.

Each shop had an amazing display of fish outside. Some were in tanks, but most were just hanging there in bags.


Lots and lots of fish in bags…




Not only were there fish, but there was also water weed in bags…


Seeing so many fish in so many bags in such a small place was rather impressive…


Not all the fish were in bags, some were in tanks.


One of the interesting things about Hong Kong, and this is nicely demonstrated by the Goldfish Market 金魚街, is that it has a number of areas where you get a concentration of shops all sell the same thing.  This was the case with the Goldfish Market 金魚街 as it was a series of shops spanning a couple of blocks that should fish and aquarium supplies. During my visit to Hong Kong I also came across a part of the city that showed unusually high concentrations of bathroom shops, but sadly that has not been called the Bathroom Market – I guess that would be too weird and wouldn’t attract tourists. However, the Flower Market, and the subject of the next post, is worth a visit by tourists.

FourSquare: Goldfish Market 金魚街

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