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Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊, Hong Kong

By on September 5, 2015 in Hong Kong

Stanley (“Chek Chu” in Chinese) is one of the oldest villages on Hong Kong Island and was named after Lord Stanley the British Secretary of State for the Colonies at the time of Hong Kong’s cession to Britain in 1841. The village first appeared in Chinese official records in the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620).

When Hong Kong Island came under British rule, Stanley had a population of 2,000 and was the most populated area on the island. It became the base for the British garrison, and a police station was set up in 1859. However, even with a military presence, and a police station, coupled with the area’s remoteness from the city centre and the threat from pirates, hampered the development of the village.

In the 1930s, a gun battery was erected at Stanley as part of the defences of the island. However, these did not prevent a Japanese invasion in December 1941 with the Japanese, and the defending British Commonwealth troops, having a fierce final battle in Stanley.

During the second world war Stanley Prison (the largest prison on the island, built in 1938), and the nearby St. Stephen’s College, were used as internment camps for government officers and foreign civilians.

Since the early 1970s, Stanley has become a popular tourist destination, and in 1998 it underwent significant rebuilding and redevelopment. As part of this, Murray House, one of Hong Kong’s oldest buildings was moved from the Central District to Stanley.

In 2007, a new public pier called the “Blake Pier at Stanley” 赤柱卜公碼頭 was built on the waterfront outside Murray House.

Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊 offers a beautiful walk from Blake Pier to the Stanley Market 赤柱市集.

Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊

Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊

Looking along Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊.

Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊

Walking along the promenade

Looking back to Blake Pier at Stanley 赤柱卜公碼頭 and Murray House 美利樓.

Murray House, Stanley

Murray House, Stanley

The waterfront down at Murray House 美利樓.

Blake Pier at Stanley 赤柱卜公碼頭

Blake Pier at Stanley 赤柱卜公碼頭

Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊 from Blake Pier at Stanley 赤柱卜公碼頭.

Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley, Hong Kong

FourSquare: Stanley Promenade 赤柱海濱長廊


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