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Tools I use for blogging: a smart phone (iPhone)

This is one of a series of posts on the tools I use to run NicksWanderings.

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This is not a smart phone or an iPhone

This is not a smart phone or an iPhone

This may seem odd in terms of tools I use for blogging, but without my smart phone (iPhone) I couldn’t blog. I record the details of my visits to places directly in to Evernote, and add photos and voice memos as I go along, and as Evernote on my phone syncs back to my the desktop app it means that everything is ready for editing on my laptop when I return to my room. So the key software I have on phone are:

1. Evernote

This is my “go to” blogging software and you can read more about why and how I use Evernote for blogging in the following post – Tools I use for blogging: Evernote.

2. Swarm

I use Swarm on my iPhone to check-in to the places that I am blogging about. Swarm uses the GPS (geolocation) of the phone to work out my position, and then suggest the place/side/restaurant etc. that I may be visiting. By checking-in with Swarm I also automatically generate a new blog post place holder in Evernote. For more information on how I use Swarm for blogging please read – Tools I use for blogging: Swarm.

3. Google Maps

Who doesn’t get lost when travelling? A great new feature of Google maps is the ability to preload your iPhone with maps before you leave the free Wi-Fi behind!

4. Uber

Everyone needs to get somewhere! Increasingly I find myself using Uber on my travels.

5. What3Words

Now this is an interesting one and possibly an app or an idea you may have not come across. What3Words as it says on the website “is a universal addressing system based on a 3 m x 3 m global grid”. That is, it uses three words to describe the location, and these three words map to a 3 m x 3 m region on the planet. I personally find the app very useful when I wish to record the location of a photo, or an event, or a place I am visiting, and I find it particularly useful when I need to share by location with a friend.

7. Foursquare

I use Foursquare for finding local places of interest. It is typically my app of choice when trying to find somewhere interesting, and when trying to track down the best local food and drink.

8. Buffer

The Buffer App is great to have on your phone as it gives you a “one-stop shop” to add Tweets to your Twitter stream, and posts to your Facebook and Google+ pages. I personally use the app in conjunction with my Twitter app to queue up tweets for posting whilst I’m waiting for the next bus, train or plane. A great way to stay productive whilst on the road. You can read more about my use of buffer at – Tools I use for blogging: Buffer

9. TripAdvisor

I kind of have a “love hate” relationship with TripAdvisor. At times I think is great and a really useful resource to find local things to do, and at other times I find the lack of relevant local material frustrating, and some of the reviews annoying. However, I still continue to use it and when I’m visiting a new place I pretty much always check out what TripAdvisor has to say.

10. A whole host of airline and hotel apps

I always preload my smart phone with the relevant airline and hotel apps before I leave home. The apps can be very handy for displaying hotel confirmations and locations (and showing to taxi drivers), and also for tracking flights.

Blog Post Bonus: Downloada PDF version of this blog post to read later.


I have not been paid for the above endorsements. I also have no connection with the Apple or any of the software companies, other than I have been an Apple Computer user for over 25 years, and I have regularly used all the tools and apps mentioned above. None of the links in the above article are affiliate links.