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Day 3: St Anton, Austria – Chalet Pias, worse food in St Anton?

By on March 9, 2005 in Austria

The food in the chalet seems to be getting worse as the week goes on.  How is that possible?  It started on a pretty low baseline and seems to be going downhill.

The Chalet Pias is pretty grim.  There is a very small bar area, with a small TV half-way up one wall.  The dining room is very basic, and the ski-room is a joke.  There is hardly any room in it, and it is a real mess.  In addition, the bedrooms are incredibly small.  We are right at the top of the chalet.  On our floor, there are three rooms, and a small shower/sauna room.  Supposedly we paid a supplement to get a larger room, if this is a large room, I dread to think what a standard room is like?  And you should see the size of the en-suite bathroom! On the plus side, the rooms are very warm and whoever cleans them does a great job.

View from our room in Chalet Pias in St Anton

View from our room in Chalet Pias in St Anton

View from our room in Chalet Pias in St Anton

View from our room in Chalet Pias in St Anton

The food, as mentioned above, is a serious concern.  If it continues to deteriorate at the current rate, I dread to think what it will be like by the end of the week (I am beginning to really look forward to the chef’s night off).

Still snowing hard with no visibility, hence no photos, and some b*st*rd stole our Moose Hat as we left a bar. (We have skied with it for years, and the rule was the last person in the group to fall had to wear it.)

I learnt something valuable last night.  One of our party had to get to Chamonix (France) to meet some friends.  He had all the train/bus times and tickets, but it made no sense as no one seemed to know where the first bus/train change was taking place.  None of the chalet staff had heard of the town, and yet the timetable suggested it was only 20 minutes away.  Luckily a passing German (a friend of one of the group who had popped down from Munich to ski with us for a couple of days) solved the mystery by pointing out that there are two St Antons and all the train and bus times were for the other St Anton!

On a personal note, my body is now beginning to seriously ache.  The situation is not helped by what seems to be a permanent hangover….

St Anton – map it

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