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Getting to the Chamonix Valley, France, from London, UK

By on November 22, 2005 in France, UK

As I said in the another post, there are 3 options for getting to Chamonix Valley or Morzine:

  1. Drive
  2. Fly
  3. Go by train

Driving: This is a non-starter for me. The drive from London to Chamonix Valley or Morzine (I first did a Chamonix drive in the mid-1990s) is long, tedious, tiring, time-consuming and expensive.

The route is relatively easy. Drive from London to Dover. Catch a ferry or take the Eurostar. Then drive from Calais or Bologne to Chamonix Valley. The drive is roughly a 600+ mile trip and will take around 14 hours (including crossing the channel). In addition to the cost of the fuel, there is also a significant number of tolls to pay for using the motorways in France.

Flying to Geneva: This is a viable option. It can be very cheap (although may mean you need to go from an obscure London airport) and quick (the flight to Geneva, from London, is about 1 hour 40 minutes). Once at Geneva there are a number of shuttle or taxi services (these need to be pre-booked) that run up to Chamonix Valley. These services can be surprisingly expensive for the 45 – 60-minute journey. Alternatively, a car can be hired from Geneva airport.

By train: There are a number of train options from London Waterloo to the Chamonix Valley region. It is possible to get a train from London to Geneva (this can be a bit expensive) or to Annecy (France) which is about 40 miles from Chamonix.

To get the train to either Geneva or Annecy involves a change in Paris. In general, the train option is relatively painless and can take around 8 – 9 hours to get to Annecy. Once in Annecy (or Geneva), a car can be hired to get to Chamonix Valley.

Also, don’t forget the travel insurance!

Chamonix, France – map it

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