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Day 6: Saalbach Ski Trip – Austria – Saalbach rain day

By on March 9, 2006 in Austria

Day 6 of the Saalbach Ski Trip was a rain day – a Saalbach rain day. But it ended in the sun.

It absolutely poured in the morning, and I hate skiing in the rain.

Hence, I decided to dig the car out this morning.  Since I parked it on Saturday night it had become buried in around 18 inches of snow.  I found the car, got it open and it started first time.  I then left the car running as I dug it out.  All Hertz had provided in the way of snow/ice clearing gear was a small plastic scraper about the size of two credit cards.  Not much use for shifting 18 inches of snow…. Luckily the hotel had some gear (snow-shovel and a broom) that I could borrow.

A car in the snow

See, I told you it had snowed!

One nice feature of the Saalbach ski area is a series of cameras on the mountain that gave live TV feeds.  This meant I could sit in my hotel room, with the rain pouring outside in the village and watch how the weather was developing up on the mountains.  I could see that the cloud base had lifted and that it was snowing at the top of the mountains.

From the TV I could see the cloud base was really lifting so I went out for an afternoon of skiing. On the way down from Kohlmaiskopf, at the end of the day, I decided to stop at a number of bars. Turned out to be a fun way to ski off the mountain, plus the weather was sunny and the slopes were clear. One bar we stopped was called Hinterhagalm, and it appears to be the equivalent of Mooserwirt in St Anton, i.e. the apres ski bar in town.

In the town, I went to a couple of bars, one at the bottom of the main slopes, and one town centre, before dinner in the hotel.  After dinner, I went back into town and visited one of the smallest bars I have ever been to in a ski town…  very odd.

One of the main bars in Saalbach

One of the main bars in Saalbach

Saalbach, Austria – map it

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