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Glencoe and Fort William, Scotland – and some hitch-hikers

By on July 27, 2006 in Scotland

The drive from The Drovers Inn to Fort William was uneventful.  I stopped to pick up a couple of hitch-hikers, and also stopped at the Glencoe ski area and Glencoe itself.

The hitch-hikers: Just as I left The Drovers Inn  I spotted two hitch-hikers by the side of the road.  From the way they were dressed it was clear they were attempting to hike the West Highland Way  (WHW).  I stopped and told them I was heading on to CCrianlarich and then Fort William, via the Glencoe ski area.  I asked them where they wanted to go and was expecting them to say either a few miles up the road to rejoin the WHW or to Cranlairch.  However, on hearing I was off to Fort William they decided to travel all the way.  This is kind of a strange way to do the WHW! (The WHW is a hiking trail that runs from Milngavie to Fort William.  It is around 95 miles and takes most hikers a week or so.)

On talking to them I discovered that they were from Germany and as far as I could make out just about to start at university where he planned to study renewable energies and she English and German.  They were having a 3-week break in the UK during which time they planned to walk the WHW, visit Fort William, Inverness, Edinburgh, and, if time permitted, Glasgow.  They also told me they had been on the trail for 2 days and they had found the walk along Loch Lomond soul (or should that be sole?) destroying.  Apparently, it was too much up and down and it was very tiring on the knees and feet when carrying large ruck-sacs.

I dropped the hitch-hikers in Fort William.

The Glencoe Ski Area:  See Day 1: The Glencoe Ski Area, Scotland

Glencoe: As ever, breath-taking.

View looking down Glencoe, Scotland

View looking down Glencoe, Scotland


The Three Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland

The Three Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland

Fort William: The place hasn’t changed in the 17 years I have been visiting it.  I still find it soulless and full of tourists and concrete.

Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom – Map it

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