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Day 3: Skiing and tea – Courmayeur, Italy

By on December 23, 2008 in Italy

I had another great day of skiing at Courmayeur, Italy. Great snow and clear blue sunny skies. It was more like spring skiing as the temperatures were above freezing on the mountain.

Great fun and I have now skied all of the mountain.  I covered a lot of it on my first day of skiing and today I finished off the mountain.

Courmayeur skiing

Skiing Courmayeur, Italy

The best run on the mountain is from the very top. It is a big, wide sweeping run that is great fun. However, it is quite a trek to get there, and you have to know to take the bucket cable car off the top of what appears to be the main (highest) cable car. In fact, today I was skiing with some one who has skied in Courmayeur for the last three seasons, and they didn’t know about the run.

I stopped for lunch at Petite Mont Blanc. Lasagna, €8.50 (£8.50 or $12)

Another great thing today, besides the excellent snow and stunning weather, there were no lifts queues. Result!

The views from the ski area are spectacular. Great views of Mont Blanc. And the view of a glacier was stunning:

Courmayeur Glacier Italy

Courmayeur Glacier, Italy

One thing that is odd is they have an obsession with shovelling snow of the roof. I have seen this all over town, and the people doing the work never seem to be tied on.

That's one way to clear snow off a roof - Courmayeur, Italy

That’s one way to clear snow off a roof

And the saga with the cable car continues. Today they were testing it (rather them than me). And it is now rumoured to be opening on the 25th December.

Courmayeur skiing - the cable car

Back at the hotel, they served a very good afternoon ski tea – tea, coffee, soup, and cold drinks, fruit, cakes and biscuits.

The hotel WiFi had finally been fixed but shaky. The cost was €20 (£20 or & $30) for the week. I thought it was pretty cheap of Mark Warner to charge for the WiFi when you consider the cost of the holiday. The WiFi system had an annoying login screen and was only accessible from the lounge/bar area.

And I was moved to a much better, cooler, room.

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