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Day 1: US ski trip – the flight with American Airlines

By on January 19, 2010 in USA

American Airlines… Two words to describe them – quaint and retro….

I can’t remember the last time I was on a long haul flight that didn’t have seatback screens, and you had your own movie choices. None of that fancy modern stuff on American Airlines. In fact, we had a good old large (my computer monitor at home is bigger) screen at the front of the cabin and a series of mid-section ceiling mounted TV screens. Honestly, it was like going back 20 years….

Honestly, it was like going back 20 years….

Well, the flight was 40 minutes late taking off…. but the captain said we will get in 20 minutes early.

Food – not great.

Movie – awful.  Some horrible “ticks-all-the-boxes” thing called Post Grad.

I still haven’t found out why my first flight was cancelled……

We only got one movie….

Breakfast was pizza, Scottish shortbread and tea. An odd combination but surprisingly good (much better than the main meal).

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