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Bang! Struck by lightening? (not me obvious….)

By on March 18, 2013 in Malaysia

Last Thursday I came back to the house to find that the Internet wasn’t working… The lights were flashing on the router, but there was no sign of the Ethernet ports working (no flashing lights). What was really odd was there was no WiFi signal. I couldn’t even connect to the router using an Ethernet cable as the ports were not responding.

After several calls to the ISP (UniFi) helpline I was not further forward and so left it. The ISP promised to send out an engineer and check the local system.

When I walked in Sunday evening all the lights were on on the router so I assumed the engineer had fixed it. However, I couldn’t get online as there was no WiFi

I connected to the router using an Ethernet cable and discovered that all the settings had been wiped. Nothing. No user information, and the WiFi had been turned off.

I reactivated the WiFi and tried to connect to the Internet, no joy.

I then tried my Apple router. Again, no success (even with all the correct passwords). It turns out that UniFi uses some sort of odd data-packet formation and the Apple router was unable to cope with it.

After a lot of online searching I finally discovered that there were a few routers out there that can be used with UniFi, but that you had to be careful.

A quick trip to the local shops, and after examining around 10 different makes and models I tracked down a router that worked. Got home, plugged it in, configured it, and success! Back online.

On my trip to the shops I also bought a surge protector as several people suggested to me that the router may have been fried as a result of a lightening strike and a power surge. This now seems more likely as the DVD player (which was plugged in to the same wall socket as the router) is also no longer working.

I am now the proud owner of a surge protector…

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