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Crash, bang, wallop – what was that?

By on March 18, 2013 in Malaysia

There are some strange noises coming from my downstairs toilet… This is odd as the room is sealed, i.e. the window is shut, and the door has been closed for a couple of days… The only way in and out is via the drains. I need to investigate…

Panic over!

After about 10 mins of some clumps and thumps against the door I finally decided to open the front door of the house (so I had a quick exit), put on my shoes (so I could run away if it was anything nasty, or stamp on it), and arm myself with a flipflop (only thing I could find…).

I turned on the light (the switch is in the hall) and quickly pushed the door open and raised my flipflop.

There was nothing there!!!

As I began to walk in to the room a 6 inch gecko fell off the ceiling with a large cockroach in its mouth!

What I had heard was the cockroach and gecko having a fight and crashing around the bathroom door…

New underwear please…

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