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Shopping in Malaysia….

By on May 18, 2013 in Malaysia

I don’t think I will ever get the hang of shopping here…

Today I bought two small table lights and a duvet cover.

The table lights were RM88 (~£18 or $27) each, and I needed two bulbs at RM14 (£3 or $4.50 (energy saving)). So, 88 times 2, plus 14 times 2. I make that 176 + 28 = RM204 (~£42 or $64). I was charged RM160 (about £33 or $50). Now I am not complaining that I saved RM44 (~£9 or $14), but it does make shopping difficult and confusing.

Next, the duvet cover. The price tag said RM329, which is about £70 (just over $100), and I thought that was too much and I nearly didn’t buy it. When I got to the till and it was rung up at RM329 there were a couple of flashes of the display and RM231 was knocked off the price. Final bill RM98.

So, the duvet cover started at RM329 and ended up at RM98 (or ~£20 or $30). A saving of RM231 (~£50 or $75). There was nothing to indicate it was on sale, there were no signs in the store saying “Sale”, so how does that work? Again, I am not complaining that I am saving money but it does make things confusing when you are trying to decide to buy something or not.

(For the record the above has never happened with electrical goods other than the lights.)

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