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Borneo and insects…

By on June 24, 2013 in Malaysia

What is it about Borneo that ‘builds’ big and strange insects?

This evening I came out of my room and this thing (see below) almost flew in to me. The body is around 2.5 cm long, and the wingspan about 6 cm.

To say it made me jump would be an understatement. The insect flew at my head (I thought it was coming for me!) at terrific speed and just at the last minute it swerved, bounced off a wall and landed on its back. (Can insects stun themselves? I would assume not, but after I took the photo below I nudged it with mu foot and it make a screeching sound and flew off again, bouncing in to walls and ceilings before coming ‘stunned’ again.)


Just down the corridor I found a similar insect, this time right side up…


Update: Posted these images on iSpot and the insect was identified as Cicada (Cicadoidea).

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