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A new fruit: Rambutans

By on August 14, 2013 in Malaysia

Today I tried a new fruit called a Rambutan. (As far as I can make out the name Rambutan is derived from the Malaysian word for hairy…)

An unopened Rambutan - Nephelium lappaceum

An unopened Rambutan – Nephelium lappaceum

The Rambutan is about the size of a ping-pong ball (or small hens egg) and although it appears spiky the spines are in fact soft to the touch.

To open a Rambutan you just stick your thumbs in to it and pull it apart to expose the part you eat.

An opened Rambutan - Nephelium lappaceum

An opened Rambutan – Nephelium lappaceum

The flesh of the Rambutan (the white/creamy bit you eat) is quite sweet and a bit like a chewy plum. Overall pretty good. However, watch out for the stone in the centre!

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  1. Part of the Lychee family?