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Christmas Decorations in Malaysia

By on December 18, 2013 in Malaysia

Even though Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country they still “celebrate” Christmas, more accurately, the shops and stores celebrated. One of the things that is really weird to see some of the decorations as they look completely out of place in a climate where it is typically 25 to 30°C with a relatively humidity of around 80%. It is also very old to see snow in these Christmas decorations, and quite frankly Christmas trees just look wrong!

Below are a few photographs that are snapped around Malaysia in the last few weeks showing some of the local Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree in the Jusco Mall, Bukit Indah

The Christmas tree in the Jusco Mall, Bukit Indah was quite tasteful. In fact, it was one of the best Christmas trees I saw around Malaysia.

Angels at City Square

Angels at the City Square Mall, Johor Bahru

The Angels in the City Square Mall were just odd.

Father Christmas and a Snowman

Seen in a local coffee shop

Giant Ginger bread man

Scary ginger bread man

More scary ginger bread man

More scary ginger bread man

IMG 5373

IMG 5375

IMG 5378

Some of the oldest Christmas decorations I saw were down at the local harbour and they consist of giant gingerbread men, which I found a bit scary…

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