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Car hire at Sibu, Airport… The mystery has been solved!

By on April 16, 2014 in Malaysia

Ha ha! I have solved the mystery of why I was unable to hire a car with Hertz or Avis at Sibu Airport! It is because Hertz and Avis do not offer car hire at the airport. It appears the other blog I read had it wrong.

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As with every other airport I have ever been to I picked up my bags and exited the arrivals hall to look for car hire. Having wandered around the airport for a couple of minutes I couldn’t locate the usual row of car hire booths so I did the sensible thing and asked at information. I was then informed that Hertz and Avis did not hire cars at Sibu and that I had walked past car hire back in the baggage claim hall.

This is when it all got a bit weird because it meant I had to return back through security to where I picked up my bag to hire a car. And yet there was a sign that clearly said…

Do not enter - Car hire at Sibu, Airport

Do not enter!!!

which I was told I could ignore!

The car hire counters are located just inside the door to the left of the sign (that is, they are straight in front of you just before yoy exit the baggage claim hall.

Car rental desk - Car hire at Sibu, Airport

Car hire at Sibu Airport

I had a choice of two… And in the end I went with Kong Teck Car Rental. No real idea why picked them other than the fact that there was somebody else standing at the other counter.

Kong Teck - Car hire at Sibu, Airport

Kong Teck Car Rental

After a quick exchange of details, and the handing over of a surprising amount of cash, I had managed to rent a mighty Proton Waja for four days.

The mighty Proton Waja - Car hire at Sibu, Airport

The mighty Proton Waja

It is an interesting car that is clearly seen better days. First, the general state of it, it was covered in dust and scratches, and both backlights were broken.

Car hire at Sibu, Airport

Damage to the left

Damage - Car hire at Sibu, Airport

Damage to the right…

And the interior wasn’t much better…

Nice seat - Car hire at Sibu, Airport

Nice seat…

And the car also came with no petrol, which meant the petrol warning light came on before I even left the airport. this made for a nerve racking drive towards the town looking for petrol.

The car is an interesting drive. It has numerous rattles and clicks, bangs and clunks, as it goes down the road. The steering is floppy, and the engine is a little tired. The gearbox, which is a manual, can be likened to staring a heavy cake mix with a limp stick of celery, that is, the gears are not always where you expect to find them and it is difficult getting the car out one gear and into the next. The horn doesn’t work, neither does the heated rear window, or the cigarette lighter which is a real problem as I have no way of powering my satnav. On the plus side, it does at least go! The car has clearly had a tough life.

Blog Post Bonus: Download a PDF version of this blog post to read later.

The drive from the airport into the centre of Sibu was interesting in that it explained the poor condition of the car, the roads were incredibly lumpy and bumpy. Having driven in Sarawak before, and experiencing how bumpy the roads are outside of the towns, I dread to think how bad the roads must be outside of Sibu.

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